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How to Purchase Chip Blaster AVR (CBAVR):

If you have an EVALUATION version of Chip Blaster AVR installed on your machine, you must first uninstall the evaluation version before proceeding with the new installation.

The Chip Blaster AVR (cblasteravr.zip) Universal In-System Programming Software.

Order On-Line!! By clicking the "Add to Shopping Cart" button below(Payment and authorization services are provided over a secure PayPal shopping cart).

We will e-mail to you the password required to unzip the protected file. Unzip the file into a temporary directory, and run SETUP.EXE. MAKE SURE YOUR SPAM FILTERS ALLOW E-MAILS FROM SALES@SUPERKITS.NET.

When we receive your order for ChipBlasterAVR we begin manually processing your license request. Licenses are usually processed within a business day.  Upon completion of the license request, the tool's Author will email a license file, directly to you, that unlocks ChipBlasterAVR.

Chip Blaster AVR: $70

Chip Blaster AVR 1 year update extension: $35

Note: All sales of the HPInfotech products, CVAVR and or CBAVR are final after a license file has been sent to you.

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