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Full Kit
Home Full Kit STK500/Keypad/LCD STK500/Siteplayer Peripherals Only Kit



Full Superkit Photo.

Key Benefits

bulletEverything in one box all hardware, software, & documentation -  in one kit
bulletFull API for Keypad and Siteplayer Access
bulletExample Application source code

Kit Components

STK500 - AVR Development kit
Siteplayer - Embedded web server development kit
Keypad - 4x4 (16 Keys)
Siteplayer to STK500 Cable - Custom Harness to
Keypad Cable Harness - Custom Harness
4x40 LCD (Character)(Yellow LED Backlight) - Requires CVAVR Standard Licensed Copy for Full CVAVR Codewizard Support
4x40 LCD Cable Harness - Custom Harness
Installation CD containing
    Keypad Library Functions
    Siteplayer Library Functions
    Example of Full Door Lock Application
    Required Applications - simulator/debugger/programming/compiler eval/ sitelinker
    Installation Instructions
Embedded C Programming and the Atmel AVR - Text Book

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